Basic Metering Information

Technical Bulletins

1S Meter - 2 Wire, 1 Voltage, 1 Current   (Blondel)

2S Meter - 3 Wire, 1 Voltage, 2 Currents   (non-Blondel)

4S Meter - 3 Wire, 1 Voltage, 2 Currents   (non-Blondel)

12S Meter - 3 Wire, 2 Voltages, 2 Currents (Blondel)

Technical Papers

A System of Simple Consistent Definitions - A system of mathematical definitions for active power (P), reactive power (Q), and apparent power (S) are discussed.  Definitions in the time domain and frequency domain are presented.

A New World - A New Challenge to Metering - The problems of metering in an age of highly non-linear loads is discussed.  Proposed changes to ANSI C12.20 for type testing of meters under harmonic conditions are presented.

Harmonic Waveform Generator Spreadsheet - This EXCEL spreadsheet calculates voltage and current waveforms using harmonic definitions.  The waveforms are plotted and P, Q, and S computed using the definitions in the above paper. (This a macro enabled spreadsheet.)