About Us

Power Measurements is sole proprietorship directed by Dr. William (Bill) Hardy.  Bill has over a decade of experience and leadership in the field of power measurement.  He also has over 40 years of experience as a scientist, engineer, entrepreneur and manager in many high technology fields.  Power Measurements provides a wide variety of services using Bill's expertise and a network of technical resources.

The Library

The library on this site is intended as a service to the metering community.  In semi-retirement Bill is attempting to create a single source for information useful to the metering and power measurement community.  Bill's hope is to provide a non-commercial, non-biased source of useful information.  Contributions from all sources are welcome.  If you have a paper, article or information you'd like to contribute or have referenced, please contact Bill.Hardy@PowerMeasurements.com.

Bill's Background

Standards Activities - Bill is currently chairman of two ANSI C12 Subcommittees:  SC29 (Field Testing of Metering Sites) and SC46 (A next generation standard to replace C12.1 and C12.20).  He is vice-chair of SC16 (the committee responsible for C12.20).  He is a voting member of C12 Main, SC1 and SC15.  via voting member of ANSI C12 Main, C12 SC1, C12 SC15, and C12 SC16.  He chairs C12 SC29 (Field Testing) and the Harmonics Working Group. He is also a member of the NIST Electric Vehicle Service Equipment Working Group and the ANSI Submetering task force.  He was the US techincal representative when the OIML IR-46 recommendation for electricity measurement was finalized.

Technical Experience - For over 40 years Bill has been a leader in the development of leading edge instrumentation in a wide variety of fields.  In the 1960s Bill was working in the field of low temperature, high pressure physics.  There he developed ultra high accuracy instrumentation for the measurement of temperature and pressure and X-ray diffraction systems.  In the 1970s and early 1980s at Brookhaven National Lab and EG&G ORTEC he worked in the areas of optical and x-ray spectroscopy.  At ORTEC he developed the first PC based x-ray spectroscopy system for x-ray microanalysis.  He also pioneered commercialization of digital control systems for electron microscopes.  In the mid 1980s Bill's focus switched to semiconductor capital equipment.  At KLA he lead the development of wafer probers and OEM vision systems.  As a turn around specialist for high tech companies, he did a number of technology based turn arounds for venture capitalists in analytical instrumentation, nuclear medicine, and electron lithography. 

Entrepreneurship - In 1993 Bill started American Nuclear Systems as a one man operation in the basement.  ANS grew to over $1M in sales over a five year period by introducing a line of PC based products for x-ray microanalysis and nuclear spectroscopy.  In 1998 ANS merged with Princeton Gamma Tech, a leader in both fields.

Power Measurement - In 2003 Bill came out of semi retirement to take the position of chief technologist at Powermetrix, a division of Technology for Energy Corp.  Over the next eight years Bill developed a revolutionary family of power measurement equipment and made himself one of the leading authorities in the field. In April, 2012 Bill separated from TEC.

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